Sunday, 8 October 2017


This is me and my priceless husband Evangelist John Anietoh. He was called right from the cradle to the pulpit by God as a Man of God. By God's grace, he has answered that call of God fully but he is still growing in the ministry and building himself and his ministry as he is being led by the Holy Spirit. He has always been conscious of this calling upon his life right from his childhood and has patterned his life with the guidance and help of the Holy Spirit to suit his divine purpose and destiny. Unlike the case of Saul in the Bible who was lost in the camp of the devil persecuting thinking he was doing the right thing till he was "apprehended" by God on his way to damascus with the same evil mission. It does not matter how, where and where the call was made by God and received by the vessel (i.e the Individual He wants to use); there are four cardinal points to note about God's divine ministerial call upon His ministers when an individual receives it.
1. There is always a clear person, entity or divinity making the said call. Either the Lord.

2. There must be a transfer of the mandate and authority of the caller who is God.

3. There must be a clear specific message and gift which can be referred to as the the spiritual commodity handed over to the person being called.

4. There must be willing and committed vessel to be used by God to carry out this divine assignment.

So next time you hear someone say he or she is called by God, find out from such a person if these four elements are present in the person's mind.

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