Wednesday, 4 October 2017

A Newer Better Me!!!

This is a picture of me taken about four years ago at Port-Harcourt, Rivers State Nigeria. I was a single, unencumbered free lancing black beauty whose life revolved round her alone. Right now; I'm a wife, having being married to my beloved husband for over a year now. I'm also a mother now, having been blessed by God with the precious gift of a son this June named Special Anietoh thus bringing to an end my days of free lancing enjoyment. I have since submitted my total 'independence' to my husband and have sworn to see to the good and well being of the members of my household.  I now use my head to plan my entire day to suit everyone's needs before my feet hits the floor every morning. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, I NOW PRAY A WHOLE LOT MORE!
In my personal vocabulary, I have substituted the word I/Me for Us/We. I have given up a whole lot including my personal ME-TIME for pressing family needs and I can do a whole lot more including demolishing a nation if need be just to make sure me and mine gets ahead in life.

But ....

I am more than happy, satisfied, proud and fulfilled every single passing day with the choices I've made, the progress I've achieved and the challenges I've faced and surmounted for they have brought forth in me the stronger and more determined woman in me. So whenever I look back at my life a few years ago and see where God's grace has brought me to thus far in life with the promises of God that abound in the future, I give God the glory for the newer, better, more focused and more achieving woman, mother and wife that I am becoming each day. The battles I have fought bought spiritually and physically have had the privilege of affecting my entire being and brought out the best in me which keeps improving much more.

I also thank the people who have made these growth possible both positively and negatively because in one way or the other they've made me learn core lessons that will definitely carry me through life. My parents (both living and dead), my dear husband and siblings, relatives and of course my children (both Special and others still to come).

As I count down to my birthday which comes next week tuesday (10th of October), I toast to a greater and bigger me. Hip Hip Hurray!🙌

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