Thursday, 5 October 2017

Addressing the menace of domestic violence

I t has become everyday news for us to see and hear bizarre stories of spousal abuse, and domestic violence whereby one spouse prevalently the man, makes it an enjoyable habit to hit, beat, physically and psychologically abuse the other marital partner on regular basis. In Nigeria for example, it is becoming an everyday scenario for us to wake up to stories like "husband stabs wife to death, Man stabs wife in her private part, Woman pours acid on man", and so on.. But this ugly trend is not synonymous to the Nigerian society alone, as such stories are also told in other societies and communities around the world. But what makes the Nigerian cases more brazen and pronounced is the fact that as a people we have totally convinced ourselves with the lie that it is a man's world, hence it is either done the man's way or the high way.
The worst part of it is that most of these cases take place in marriages already blessed with children hence they tend to witness all that evil which memory gets ingrained in their subconscious and never really goes away from them even until late adulthood...And the cycle continues...

The worst of it is when the victimised spouse dies at hands of the abusing, predating spouse simply because he or she feels ashamed to speak out, get help and run out of the so-called already doomed marriage on basis of societal stigma and on the sentiments of the children, whom would have a bigger problem dealing with their sudden death than with their separation. It must also be noted that while a few percentage of men are victims of domestic violence, most cases have women, girls and children generally as victims.

Whilst most countries are now being enjoined to enact and enforce laws aimed at nipping the menace of domestic violence in the bud by punishing and putting away offenders sternly, it is also advised that victims who are trapped in abusive relationships and marriages speak up, get help from family, friends and the relevant authorities before it gets too late or before blood spills as well as get out of such dangerous unions with adequate protection provided to keep them safe and far away from such over-possessive, psychopaths and sociopath abusive partner.

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