Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Commitment is more than the presence of a ring

Almost every responsible single out there hopes and plans to find their special someone someday and get married. But what they don't know is that the choice of your life partner matters a lot as it would affect every aspect of your life and future henceforth. All most singles care about is the social change of status from single to married that is accompanied by a lavish wedding ceremony to evidence it. All they want is a colourful wedding and not the everyday realities and challenges of marital life. They seem to have forgotten that for a marriage to succeed, matured commitment must be undertaken and this requires lots of preparations both emotionally, spiritually, psychologically even before the physical preparations are made.
Some don't want the responsibilities and challenges that comes with being a husband or wife and later on...parents. Being married means being accountable, responsible, tolerant, patient, forgiving and forbearing and there are people who being naturally selfish don't want to be bothered with these principles and qualities at all. You can't be married and still want to live your life like a free lancing single and expect your marriage and possibly your entire life not to run into a crisis situation eventually. Marriage means dedication to duty and unshakable daily commitment whether as a husband or as a wife. Both parties must make major adjustments, sacrifices and compromises to their marital union and new family for it to grow and work. Anyone with selfish inclinations is better off not getting married in order to avoid serious catastrophes of life in the future.

Now if as a single, you hope to get hitched someday, it is time to ask yourself if you are truly ready, qualified and prepred for the commitment of marriage and not being bothered with just bearing the title and wearing an expensive ring.

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