Friday, 13 October 2017


I woke up this morning with my favorite Psalms 23, 27, 91 and 103 in my mouth. I recalled from how far God in his mercies has brought me and my husband to. I remember those days of hopelessness and of our humble beginning. When we first started out our lives as a couple, we barely had enough to get us by; I was without a good job and all we had was each other, God's promise and faithfulness over our lives, our pastoral calling and the promise of a great future only our spiritual eyes could see then. Barely just after a year now, our lives have so been turned around by God's goodness. The Lord has  really increased us on every side including and most importantly with the precious gift of a child who has greatly defined the word 'LOVE' to us.
Financially we have also experienced enlargement as our career and ministerial lives have received God's touch and we are able to live far above the expectations of many. Favour has surrounded us from many angles. New cars, new land and so on. We (my husband and I) celebrated our first wedding anniversary in a grand style and beyond the expectations of many that had once questioned our means of survival and our God.

Why do I tell this grass to grace story? To show the great faithfulness of our God to those who put their entire trust in Him as they go through this life. Whatever your challenge in life may be, never give up on God, never you doubt any spoken word of God. Just remind Him daily of His word over your situation and watch signs and wonders follow you everyday.

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