Saturday, 7 October 2017

Facts you must understand about infidelity but are too afraid to ask..

Recent statistics show that over eighty percent of marriages and relationships fail because or both partners have both roving eyes and scattered legs outside their established unions. It is also very difficult, infact almost impossible for marriages to recover entirely back to status quo after been hit by the plague of infidelity even if the other party decides not to walk away but to forgive and give it a second chance. This thus brings to the fore the fundamental question of "WHAT IS INFIDELITY"? Infidelity otherwise known as cheating or unfaithfulness is that ugly, nasty and destructive situation in marital relationship that occurs when one party to a marriage has an illicit, unholy and amorous sexual and emotional affair with someone else other than his or her spouse. Often such affairs don't just happen in a day, it took time, money, effort and deliberate decision of the unfaithful spouse to sin against his or her unsuspecting spouse. But because no sin goes unpunished, every act of marital infidelity must surely be exposed as every hidden sin must be brought to the light. This heartbreaking discovery makes the victimised spouse feeling cheated, lied to, used, worthless, gullible and empty. He or she begins to wonder whether or not he or she was responsible for the heartless actions of the cheating partner alongside a plethora of unanswered questions besieging the mind of the offended spouse. In this post, I intend to treat and answer some of those nagging questions that arises whenever a chaotic situation of infidelity arises in a marriage. 
Most cheating partners had the signs of unfaithfulness written all over them long before the actual sin eventually took place... Only that the innocent partner was to lost in love to either see or acknowledge and deal with them early.

He or she may be a serial unrepentant cheater but still refuses to let go of you because out of his or her greed, control issues and possessiveness, he she comes crawling back with insincere apologies he or she never keeps.

Don't beat yourself up over another person's loose morals by blaming yourself over the infidelity. A cheat is and will always remain a cheat even if he or she marries an angel.. It's just in their DNA to hurt others.

Trust me, you saw the warning signs of their capability to have a roving eye and loose genitals outside your marital union, you just bluntly and gullibly refused to see it, acknowledge it and deal with it before hand.

Most (if not all) cheats are chronic unrepentant liars and would still stick to their lies even if caught red-handed stealing from the cookie jar. So except he or she is ready to walk away from you to his new found sexual obsession maybe by way of divorce, he or she is most likely never to open up and say the truth except when confronted by hard evidence.

Most cheats especially if married will put up a good act trying to cover their their sinful affairs, so be vigilant and if your guts tells you he or she is seeing someone else, chances are that they are but are pretending even if they don't stay out late beyond the expected time of their return. hence they hardly ever change their ways even after being caught on one or several occasions.

For the sake of your sanity, peace of mind and for your own health, feel free and unapologetic to walk away if you made the colossal mistake of marrying a serial unrepentant cheat. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

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