Monday, 16 October 2017


For any single lady about approaching the almighty thirty years landmark and this sort of 'situation' shows its unexpected head to, you will understand that it is not a funny thing at all! You are still battling the fact that your feminine calendar is gradually and steadily dwindling each passing day with no reasonable or serious boo to take home to family in sight. Moreso, you are almost at that point when you have to start avoiding some family get-togethers because you are sick and tired of answering unnecessary questions form the older women folk as to why you are still single, or when you are introducing your man to the family, or when you are walking down the aisle and so on of such very annoying questions. But then the worst happens: YOUR YOUNGER SISTER BRINGS HOME A HUSBAND BEFORE YOU! GBAGAM
That sounds like a bombshell, the worst nightmare any single older sister can ever go through because in the eyes of so many including some non-understanding parents, you will begin to look like a failure or an unserious person, since our society place so much importance, respect and value on a woman getting married even if it is to a bigot or an abuser. So as an older sister whose is facing this sort of 'huge temptation', how do you manage and overcome this ordeal without showing jealousy (because trust me those ugly feelings may try to raise its ugly head and disgrace you) and without getting into the bad books of everybody including your younger sister and her husband who is now a new member of the family.

We all know that emotions can get in the way of genuine happiness and send out the wrong vibes and impression. You need to always BE AND ACT REALLY HAPPY FOR HER even if she steps on your toes. You need to always show that you support her union and her decision and that you are ready to help her plan for her big day in anyway that she needs your help. That sort of period is no time to show your 'seniority power or authority' over her as it would most likely be misunderstood by all. Infact if you must go through that period victoriously, you must really humble yourself even if it may make you act foolishly at times. 

Well by the way, yea this me again... at a traditional wedding but not that of my younger sister (I got married before her biko). A friend of mine just called me and even before I could finish exchanging pleasantries, she dropped this bombshell "babe, my younger sister is getting married before me". Even me that was being told was left dumbfounded for about a second because I know that my 'ore mi' is about hitting the great landmark in girls single age...

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