Monday, 23 October 2017

How is your marriage?

So my marriage is over a year old and even though I still feel like my husband and I are still babies in this business, I also believe that in the last twelve (12) months of our being officially married, my husband and I have learned a few wisdom based on our own unique experiences and that qualifies me to share with everyone especially those still single now but aspiring to walk down the aisle someday and remain happily married. First of all, marriage is a very serious business; if you fail in your choice of a right Godly spouse for you, you are in for serious trouble probably for the rest of your life. Marriage is not for the faint of heart, neither is it for the immature, desperate, unprepared nor is it for children.
My university lecturer once said to my hearing that one of the most important decisions a woman must make in life is choosing a husband, if she gets this right, everything about her future would naturally fall into place with time and if she doesn't then well.... This very statement of hers though I know might not sit well in the heads of modern day feminists but as for me, it penetrated into my brain and has since remained there. From my personal experience I can proudly say that by the grace of God, I married not just my best friend, but also the best man God created on earth (if you disagree go and argue with your ancestors), and our journey so far as husband and wife has been amazing and blessed. This prompted me to ask my sister, my brother that is married; how is your marriage? Are you married yet still living selfishly as though you are still single and without any cares in this world? have you learnt to submit to your spouse and learn to live peacefully with your spouse? Have you imbibed the word called "COMPROMISE" in your lifestyle? Are you married still displaying nasty dirty habits that make your spouse cry in regret? Are you married but with a hot, untamed roving lustful eye outside your matrimonial home? If you have sincerely answered "YES" to any of the questions listed above then know ye that thou art the demon causing the marital woes and heart aches for your spouse  and the Lord is speaking to you today that there is an urgent need for you to change your ways in order to improve the quality of your marriage and making it rewarding, fulfilling and enjoyable for your spouse.

It is not enough to wear a wedding band/ring or update your social media status to "MARRIED". If your home feels and smells like crap to everyone especially the both of you who are major participants in it, then a major corrective spiritual surgery is to be done on the both of you by the Holy Spirit in order to avoid both casualties of the heart and of destinies (including generations yet unborn).

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