Thursday, 5 October 2017

Let Your Joy Radiate Inside Out...

This is another picture of me taken during my service year at Rivers state, Nigeria. You can see how much my face was radiating joy from deep within my soul. I was feeling and looking like a hot piece of pie even with my plain no-makeup look. This type of smile and loom can rekindle a dead hope and like a candle stick sharing its light, it can put smile on any down swollen face. That however did not mean that I didn't  have my own fair share of problems or issues of life bugging me because I had a trailer load of them but I chose and still choose everyday not to allow it paste its ugly sign board on my face or ruin my day. 
So what's your present baggage of life facing you and threatening the sanctity of your existence. Is it your health, peace of mind, family, marriage or relationships, career, business, job and finances? Learn to hand it over to God and watch him handle the reels of your life as you relax more. Learn to enjoy life in the fullness of God's loving presence. Detox your head from the daily unending stress and issues of life. Learn to wear the most beautiful yet priceless beauty makeup on earth which is a smile, it will do you and those around you a whole lot of God

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