Monday, 16 October 2017


The story is told of a man named MR. SOUL He was a Christian who loved the Lord greatly. One faithful day, while he routinely walked round his garden called LIFE; he was met by a beautiful seductive woman called MISS TEMPTATION. Temptation told him that she had the ability to help him fulfill all the silent 'flesh-full' desires he harboured within. Poor young and naive Mr.Soul, oblivious of the consequences ahead of him, readily accepted the enticing offer of alluring Miss Temptation. So off he (Mr. Soul) went with his guide (Miss Temptation) to fulfill all his fleshy desires that included immorality, lust, and pride. By the time he was done, Miss Temptation immediately vanished from the scene and there immediately appeared Mr. Condemnation who is a close ally of Miss Temptation. "I am Mr. Condemnation, he said and I come right after Miss Temptation to punish those who fell for my colleague Miss Temptation". Mr. Condemnation began to flog the hell out of Mr. Soul with a tough whip called NO MERCY. As he (Mr. Condemnation) continued to deal with Mr. Soul, a certain kind hearted fellow named THE MERCY OF GOD appeared again in this same particular garden and quickly rescued Mr. Soul from the claws of Mr. Condemnation. This same Mr. Mercy of God drew out a sharp double-edged sword  named THE WORD OF GOD and slew Mr. Condemnation into pieces.

Mr. Mercy of God then turned to Mr. Soul who stood in complete awe and told him that he would immediately introduce to a close friend of his also sent form his Master Jesus named Mr. REDEMPTION. When they eventually met with Mr. Redemption, Mr. Mercy of God nicely excused himself and Mr. Redemption began working with Mr. Soul. Mr, Redemption helped Mr. Soul accept Jesus as his personal Lord and saviour and get saved. After this, Mr. Redemption took him a group fellowship in order to introduce Mr. Soul to the rest of his heavenly friends named MISS GRACE who is to help sustain Mr. Soul's new found salvation and help with overcoming Miss Temptation when  she tries resurfacing again. Also; Mr. Redemption also introduced Mr. Soul to another close heavenly friend of his named MISS FAITH whose own duty is to assist Mr. Soul with building up his christian life and walk with God as he journeyed through that great garden called Life. MISS FAITH was to be assisted MISS LOVE OF GOD and MISS HOPE who were to assist with always conquering other Miss Temptations to come Mr. Soul's way and also secure his heavenly inheritance when his work in the garden called Life is over and he returns home to a place called HEAVEN where the Master named JESUS lives with the FATHER and the HOLY SPIRIT (Co-owners of the home of the righteous named Heaven.

 However, Mr. Soul who depicts every believing rapture ready christian, must also note that succeeding in his journey through this garden called Life, Mr. Soul must always keep in mind that the road to this success is fraught with many challenges such as a curve called FAILURE, a loop called CONFUSION, speed bumps called FRIENDS, red lights called ENEMIES, caution lights called FAMILY, flat tyres called DISAPPOINTMENTS, but for anyone who's got spare tyre called DETERMINATION, a sound engine called PERSEVERANCE, good insurance policy called FAITH and a master driver called JESUS CHRIST, he or she must surely arrive at that great destination called SUCCESS that is being desired by all.

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