Thursday, 26 October 2017


Yesterday during our weekly mid week church service, the theme of our discourse was false prophets and getting spirit-filled as well as the spirit of discernment for the testing of all spirits. Our basic scripture was taken from the book of 1 John 4:1-6. That is was led to this very post: Testing all spirits to see whether they are from God. In this day and time of so many churches, ministries and prayer houses/centres springing up everywhere because we are already in the endtime prophesied about in the scriptures, there is a very serious need for all Bible believing christians to get filled with the Holy Ghost in order to receive from Him (the Holy Spirit) the spirit of Godly discernment which would help a child of God test the spirit in which a man of God, prophet, minister operates no matter how many times he or she shouts in the name of our Lord Jesus.
There are many demonic or satanic churches operating entirely opposite to the ways and teachings of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Most of them perform spiritual works in the name of prayers, prophecy and deliverance, buying, invoking, consulting and manipulating all sorts of evil territorial, ancestral and even familiar spirits in order to appear powerful, anointed and perform the magic they call miracles. This is why the importance and interpretation of our Lord's prayer is very necessary (where it says lead us not into temptation before deliver us from all evil) because many out of desperation and hopelessness have fall prey to the evil devices of these false prophets. One may ask how do these false prophets operate? A good number of them do buy, invoke and attract evil spirits to give them spiritual powers to attract men, whilst they then manipulate the minds and destinies of their ignorant victims (Hosea 4:6). But the desperation and lustful desires by men for the things of this world has many fall victims to men who have exchanged their satanic coven garments and put on the white collar or a suit and mount pulpits deceiving people with their evil signs and wonders.

For any child of God who is Spirit-filled once he or she walks into a 'church' of a false prophet or pastor, or anywhere being operated from and by the kingdom of darkness, the Spirit of God activated within you sets off something that can be described as an alarm which is His Spirit of discernment and this beings to keep you both physically and spiritually uncomfortable immediately through the entire time as your spirit man would be grieved based on the fact that your feet has stepped at the wrong place.

This is why it is enough this days to just confess with your lips that you are a mere christian, in order to be a true victorious christian, you must pray to be filled with the Holy Spirit and with power which would manifests one of its fruits in your life which is the spirit of discernment. May the Lord help us all in Jesus name, Amen.

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