Tuesday, 17 October 2017


Mama's boy or mummy's boy is a fully grown male who is still unhealthily attached to his mother at adulthood when he ought to have let go of his mother's control long time ago. Most mama's boys are effeminate or may have some sort of personality disorder or complex but think they are just being compassionate. Generally speaking we women are impressed with a man who has a large dose of respect, regard and love for his mother, grandmother and even sisters; it shows that such a man is not a male chauvinist and would make a loving and compassionate partner, but when that becomes excessive with every single statement emanating from his mouth being credited to his mother, or having to check with his 'mama' before he can take another breathe into his lungs; then there is a huge problem... He is a typical MAMA'S BOY!
it's not hard to tell why women hate mama's boys. We love matured, independent men. Men who have severed the umbilical cord between them and their mama without being disrespectful or abandoning her. Men who can stand up and chase their 10000 in life without their mama calling the shots. Men who can take charge of every part of their lives from their diet, to their dress sense, personal hygiene, careers, social lives and most importantly their private lives without their mama having to be consulted every time or blowing the whistle or either her choice, her approval or her disapproval. Men whose relationships and marriage aren't remotely controlled by their mamas who will make sure their wives or fiances feel like the second fiddle in the lives of their sons. Men who don't put their mamas in the know with every minute detail of their lives. The worst if he makes it a habit to always check with her before major family decisions are made because he thinks her opinions matter most, or he must always compare every single action or inaction taken by his wife or fiance with that of his mother's.

Like it or not, being mama-bonded is actually a sign of weakness to a man, especially when he feels like (and ends up) fulfilling mama's every wish especially the unreasonable and self-destructives ones.

These type of men fail to understand that in their mother's mind, their wives or fiances are a direct threat or rival to the wield of superior authority they command over your entire life, hence they feel the need to oppress, frustrate, subdue and drive them into total submission to them, so as not to loose the control and attention they selfishly enjoy. Tell me, who would love that?

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