Friday, 6 October 2017

Whose Voice are You Listening To?

I was privileged to accompany my husband to a birthday party about a fortnight ago and heard the touching story told by the celebrant as he shared with his guests his grass to grace life experience. According to him, he said that he was orphaned quite early in life and was left with little or no other alternative adult care while he grew up. He basically brought himself up, taught himself life,s lessons based on his experiences and worked his way through formal education. In spite of all these, he said he always felt grateful to God for the gift of life and the hope of tomorrow. Not minding the tough road he walked through as he climbed the ladder of life, he always remained an optimistic fellow, always believing that the best would come out of the worst situations of life. Above all, he was very careful with the company of friends he keeps and the voices speaking into his life.
He reminded me once again that life would sometimes throw lemons your way but what you make of them solely depends on you and would make a whole lot of difference. He was very weary of negative minded people and avoided them like a disease, especially those who thought that based on his background and life's story, he wasn't likely to succeed in life.

Since he had virtually nobody to encourage, support and believe in his dreams in life, he said that he learnt early on to be his own encourager and cheerleader.  And guess what, according to him, finding a positive minded woman who would believe anfd spur him onto success and greatness in life was his Number 1 criteria when he was searching for a wife to marry. Upon marriage and as he looked back on his life at seventy-five years, he gave God and his beautiful wife all the glory and gratitude for all the painful years of nurturing him to become the man that he is today.

So what's the lesson of this story? It is to remind us that the power of spoken words has a very story effect over one's life and future. Be mindful of the company you keep and move only with those with like minds that are positive and all believing. Never give room for negativity to be the mantra spoken about or over your like as this can be the doom of a beautiful and glorious destiny. Like Snr prophet T.B Joshua says it: "The best is yet to come.

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