Friday, 27 October 2017


Dear married woman and those aspiring to be married someday what's this new lazy trend we've started practicing called being a house wife? As for me I call it being a glorified house slave who is been sexed at night! Why in heaven's name would a full fledged healthy adult woman simply because she now bears the status 'married' and under a man's roof decide not to go out and hustle her own money, wealth and even respect? Many marriages are failing today because one partner (mostly the woman) has become so lazy that all he or she is eat, cook (some don't even cook, they still want to employ house/domestic helps), shop and get laid at night. The industrious working partner would definitely get pissed off, annoyed and reluctant to offset the bills of the unproductive spouse whose needs maybe aside the usual family general needs. This could lead to unnecessary frequent arguments, and nagging, friction within the home, the feeling of inadequacy and disrespect which is often a by-product and ultimately, infidelity and roving eyes outside of the home. 

For every sensible and wise woman, she must go out and work everyday no matter how small in order to help herself and her husband make ends meet better as well as accelerate the family's financial status and growth; and which will in turn secure her and her household a better standard of living and her own respect in the eyes of her husband, children, in-laws and even neighbours. 

Even great, matured men like Boaz in the Bible are attracted to lucrative and industrious women like Ruth. So be wise, do yourself and family a huge favour that posterity will always remember you for, GO OUT AND WORK. SAY NO TO THE HOUSEWIFE SYNDROME BECAUSE THERE SHALL BE NO FOOD FOR THE LAZY MAN!

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