Thursday, 30 November 2017


Happy new month everyone and welcome to the last month in the year 2017. If I may ask, how has the year been to you generally and your loved ones. Most especially how many of your 2017's new year goals, plans, resolution and expectations were you able to achieve or have been so far materialised? And better still, as the year gradually draws the curtain, how ready are you for the festive season and the christmas celebrations as they approach closely? Well for me and my immediate family, we are in thanksgiving mood as This our Good God has been soooo good and merciful to us. I mean which one do I mention and leave the other. Infact God has just been faithful! But the real question is how many of us are truly ready for christmas (xmas) in the sense of being prepared to check and balance out the year 2017 and proceed on to the new year of 2018?
When I talk about being ready for the xmas season, I don't necessarily mean buying new stuff for the merriment of the festive seasons but rather, how many of us has grown, added a new feather and advanced in all ramifications of life most especially in the area of our spiritual/christian walk with God (through Christ Jesus).

How many of us can really say that in this year, he or she has gotten closer to God and has grown spiritually (this question even applies to me because I still have a lot to work on myself) and in your everyday relationship with your fellow man?

The overall purpose of this post is not to judge or condemn anyone but rather to remind us of those secret resolutions we made (particularly as it relates to our christian lives) at the beginning of this year that we have not achieved that so long as the date hasn't read 31st December 2017 yet and the clock isn't ticking 11:59pm yes, then there is still enough available time to make that desired change we promised ourselves and our God when the year began, bearing in mind that our covenant keeping and miracle working God who is never late is still available and in the business of changing your story for good and giving you an end of the year testimony before the cross-over night of 31st December.


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