Sunday, 5 November 2017


This is a younger version of me and this picture was taken about ten years ago (or almost close to that). I was just about hitting my twenties or had just arrived them so I obviously felt like my world was just starting and was at my feet (By the grace of God, it still is, only that life and reality has fine tuned that freelance thought a bit), so I had a plethora of bubbling and buzzing thoughts going on. I had just attained a title my dad used to call "young woman" and it came with a level of independence from them and I was excited about it because that meant I didn't have to check up with mum and dad for every of my personal action and decision even though I was still fully financially dependent on them at the time. However, by the grace of God, I became conscious of my christian walk and faith with God early on in life and that has never departed from me till date (and never will). That great grace gave me bountiful godly and earthly wisdom that saw me through that vulnerable and fragile stage of my life and helped shaped most part of my adult life now into the woman I am now. These important decisions that I took early on in life are what I intend sharing with us today that our younger readers may share and learn from.
1. I gave my life to Christ as early as my secondary school days and that christian consciousness has instilled in me the fear of God and a whole lot of earthly wisdom for daily living.

2. I decided to succeed and achieve my life's dreams and goals especially in the area of my academic pursuits and by the grace of God I came, saw and conquered.

3. I made an important decision to stay of relationships and men until I was older, matured and ready to settle down. I kept that decision almost 95% and I am now reaping the fruits thereof in my marital life.

4. I learnt early on in life that to move fast in life, you have to go alone but to soar higher, you must fly together with the right clique of friends. There is a popular adage that says that birds of the same feather flock together so I formed the habit to pick/choose my friends, acquaintances and allies, and I am all the more better for it. I"ve never been led astray by bad company.

I learned that after the decision of salvation (i.e to give one's life to Christ), the next most important decision one must make is the choice of a life partner which must be done with the fear of God and for the right reasons. By God's grace, I'm happily married now (and a mother as well) and I can proudly tell you that I married the best man God had for me and my destiny and I am fulfilled in this core aspect of life.

So what are those areas of life I have missed... Because even though my life is far from perfect, my entire life is definitely blessed and favoured.

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