Monday, 27 November 2017


Hello everyone and welcome back to me after so long a time from the blog. Yesterday, I read an article on a Nigerian-based popular facebook group Females-In-Nigeria about a lady who said she had been motivated by the decision and action of Nollywood/Ghallywood actress Yvonne Nelson who currently posted prenatal pictures of herself and her huge baby bump in announcement of the fact that she was expecting a baby soon. So this reader of the group on facebook said that she was almost hitting her forties and she was neither married nor was there any 'toaster' (suitor) in sight. Hence her "loneliness" despite her financial success and she didn't want to get aged without  having a child to call her own. However, she was having double thoughts about because she is a christian and knew that doing that was going contrary to the Word of God on marriage and family life. Hence the post as she was seeking the opinion of fellow Christians.In that very post I also read comments of other readers who opined that she should go ahead and do whatever she thinks would make her happy (very shallow), while others who claimed to be Christians did their best to find scriptural backing and justification for her to go ahead and have a child whether or not she was married as no husband was coming.
The truth of the matter is that the Bible frowns at it and no matter what age or century we live in, God's word is not ever going to be changed to suit or selfish human desires. I know this point might not sell with today's brand of women called feminists but like I said, God's word on any matter as written in the scriptures are final and does not change (ask Adam if you doubt me). What happens if something happens to the life of a willful and stubborn single mother? Who takes over the parenting of the child (ren) who would become more or less orphans and left at the mercy of extended relatives? Someone might say to me that I took this position because I am already married with a child and thus insensitive to other women's needs especially as they head towards menopause? Well, even though I might not argue with that but I also want you guys to remember that the "BLESSINGS OF THE LORD MAKETH RICH AND ADDETH NO SORROW WITH IT".

Truth be told however, I have met actually met a single lady who's over 35 years of age (though not yet 40 years) who just took in despite several frowns, gossip and all sorts of disapproval from both friends and family members. She doesn't care a bit about public opinion and is instead very excited as she looks forward to the birth of her child because she is financially buoyant and capable.

Please note that this post is purely my opinion from a true Christian perspective and does not apply to everyone or every woman.

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