Thursday, 9 November 2017


For most of us graduates especially those of us that studied "powerful" courses like Law and Medicine in school, we come out dreaming of landing a mouth-watery job that will pay us six figures from the very start and lead us through a life of financial wealth and freedom... UNTIL WE ARE AWAKENED BY THE REALITY THAT THAT'S A LIE AND IT HARDLY EVER HAPPENS. We first of all, plunge ourselves to a life of financial slavery in the name of a white collar job that keep us on our toes 8am-5pm or even more than that all for a meagre financial pay (we sometimes don't get or is long delayed) called SALARY which is in itself an insult to all your academic qualification and years in school. Well I've been there and done that as well and found out that asides that job I have no life of my own outside of it. To make matters worse, the so-called 'salary' does not meet even up to half of my personal monthly needs; and I wasn't even married then so had no family responsibilities of my own to bother with. It was this harsh realisation that prompted me to start searching all manner of sources both online and offline for a side hustle or PLAN B business to augment the so-called salary I was receiving.
 First of all, I took interest in blogging and website development and start tutoring myself online on how to start a blog, develop a website and write meaningful fascinating content that will get readers hooked, plus everything within... Thank God, I succeeded as I have built and maintained my personal blog myself for over a year now. Then I wanted more! So I sought other stay at home jobs that would deliver me form a life of paid employment because I told myself that I refuse to paid only twelve times in a year of 365 or 366 days. Then I discovered networking marketing. I tried my hands on some like GNLD, HELPING HANDS etc, all of which were futile and did not pay off as I lost my huge investments in them. But thank God, I discovered and joined HAPPY WORLD MEAL GATE and INFINITE WEALTH NETWORK. I can boldly say that by the grace of God, I have started making some independent financial progress. But that's not all my people, I still crave for some other forms of side financial gigs that are legal and won't conflict with my christian faith.

That's not even the essence of this post, the purpose of this post is to highlight the UPS and DOWNS of the life of an Entrepreneur which I can proudly say that by God's grace I'm one now.

1. You need consistency and passion to hang in there for a very long time because...

2. You will be underpaid or not paid a dime for a very long time. You will financially tight and over-prudent for a long time.

3. People won't like or believe in your dreams at first because it's only you that sees the greatness of the dreams you have in your new found business

4. You will have to be your own cheerleader at first in order to spur yourself to success

5. You wont own yourself at first, nor will you become " The Boss" at first because you will have to put in your very best (even your own blood if you need to shoot yourself to success) which would mean sacrificing long hours of time, energy and even resources that may not come back fast (remember rules 1 and 2 above).

6. There are no guarantees in this new found passion of yours after all, it's a new venture and may eventually crash.

7. You will definitely have days when you feel frustrated and out stretched, almost about throwing in the towel. Don't quit else and don't give up

8. You will have to become obsessively committed to learning all you need to about this new found trade.

But the good news is that when you eventually break through financially, like a woman who's just gone through the pangs of labour pains to birth a child, you'll instantly forget what you went through those months (or years) of building your business dynasty.

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