Thursday, 16 November 2017

Seven Things I Don't Share and You Shouldn't Too.

I'm not a selfish person and this particular post is not intended to make me look like one. However, maturity, wisdom and the rules of personal hygiene demands that there are just certain things (and of course people) in life that one isn't supposed to share no matter what and no matter whom. So by strict principles I don't share these things and person (s) and no one should share any of these either...

1. My bathing sponge: For god's sakes who does why would anyone share something as private as a bathing sponge. The mere thought of it sounds gross and makes goose pimple litter my enter being.

2. My tooth brush: How can I even begin to explain that sef! Who does that... Even kids should be taught early on in life that items one and two are too personal to be be shared with anyone even siblings or identical twins.

3. My undies: Ahaa! This one is another one that should NEVER be shared even among siblings or twins. How can one share these items sef? In this wicked era of all types of viral diseases flying upandan everywhere from the 'mere' contact of sweat, blood, saliva and other contaminated body fluids of a carrier.

4. My nail cutter/razor blades: This one is another no-no because the fear of HIV/AIDS is very real my people.

5. Hair Clipper: I don't do low cuts and doubt if I ever will but sharing a hair clipper is an abomination as well.

6. My manicure and pedicure set: For obvious reasons, no safety conscious person should share any of these.

7. My SPOUSE: I put that in capital letters because that is the only person I can never share...for obvious reasons too.

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