Friday, 10 November 2017


I was recently on one of my social media platforms when I read a post from someone who said she wanted to leave her marriage because the love in her marriage between she and her husband had turned cold and she felt trapped! I was instantly concerned because that meant that the lady in question had an unrealistic opinion and view of marriage. Truth be told, there are several times that will arise in a wonderful and healthy marriage (and indeed all marriages) where one would feel lost, unloved and maybe used, but that's no reason to condemn the marriage and end it just like that...afterall we said for better for worse isn't it? The yardstick however should be loving each other with the example that Christ has shown us as christians. moreso, we are to understand that no one except God can make you happy 100% nor can anyone meet all of your needs except God. More so, both the married and singles (especially those aspiring to be married someday must always remember that just because you temporarily 'feel' unloved by your spouse or even children, should you think of leaving your marriage or begin practicing infidelity of any kind using that as an excuse. Never! Besides, feelings and emotions  are fickle and should never be taken too seriously especially in marriage or relationships.
There are times when a marriage may encounter a stormy situation or feel boring. In those cases, prayer, patience, tolerance, forgiveness, personal adjustments and a little romantic spark is enough to do the magic of reviving whatever the enemy tried to steal (or actually did) from the marriage. But whatever it is, divorce or separation should never pop up even mistakenly or even be considered except in circumstances where physical abuse is prevalent. Infact as children of God, we are commanded to love our spouse even when they don't deserve it or is acting nasty and unlovable. This is the Christ-like type of love and that's we've been commanded to totally emulate in our marriage because Christ loved us while we were yet sinners and died for us to be redeemed.

Even if our spouse cheats and truly repents, or acts like a jerk most of the time, it is no reason to wake up some day, decide to pack your things and disappear from home just like that. What happens to patience and long suffering that Saint Paul taught us. Remember that love...true love like Christ showed us does not demand its own way nor is it proud. Even if your spouse is unsaved (i.e hasn't accepted Jesus as his/her personal Lord and Saviour), we have told by saint Peter that that's no reason either to give up on your marriage either as all you need to do is lovingly lead such a person to Christ in prayer and let the Holy Spirit (not you) take over such a life.

Since marriage is a true and complete reflection of your weakness and strength as well as who you really are, then it is imperative that one must endure all and put in his or her best to see to the success of the marriage. In the end, it always brings joy, satisfaction and appreciation by all (and the formerly misbehaving spouse especially) when victory is secured and the marriage is restored by God.

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