Saturday, 4 November 2017


Some few years ago, the world woke up to the devastating news of the tragic death of a world renowned Man of God Myles Monroe who died in a plane crash alongside his wife and daughter on their way to preach and do God's work, leaving only behind a son. This news sent shockers down the spine of many believers and questions as to why God allowed it to happen. Here in Nigeria also, in the year 2005, Christians woke up to sad news that a well known lady preacher Pastor Bimbo Odukoya was among several unfortunate others who died in an air disaster while on her way to minister at one of the Nigerian university campuses. As if that wasn't enough Christians also woke up to the news that the pastoral convoy of Papa Ayo Oritsejafor the one time president of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) suffered a fatal motor accident and claiming the lives of two of his pastoral team (a man and a woman) both of which were married with children. Similarly two years and five months ago, I suffered the grief of the loss of my father Late (Mr) Sylvester Amaechi Offor after a seven month protracted battle with pancreatic cancer, before my very eyes precisely in the month of June 2015. That loss made me totally lost as an individual for a while as I was at a point of no return and I had several questions for God, many of which are still unanswered and that shook my faith in God greatly to its foundation. It took God intervening and stopping me in my tracks by sending a servant of His and a man of God my way (who later became my husband today).
As christians on a divine journey to eternity, there are times in life God allows hard times and terrible things to happen to his people for reasons he may choose never to explain and to force us to grow in our walk with him and our faith in him. It is in these times of desperation, hopelessness and emptiness that we are called and encouraged by God to run to him and trust him fully. In these end-time days where all forms of evil and atrocities have become an everyday occurrence, with many more reported cases of suicide, the answer to many of life's terrible questions and situations is not to run away form our God, probably curse God as Job's wife suggested to him in the bible when he was going through hard times nor even seek refuge/solution (that will never even come) in the camp of the devil. In our earthly walk through life, we must always trust God and his ways even if they are not pleasant or comfortable at the time because it must surely end in praise and make sense in the end if one persists in faith in God. Most times, rather than seek answers to the horrible questions of life's issues that are unnecessary and may never be given, it is our christian duty to wait on God, remain steadfast in his presence and trust him that in the end of it all, all things work together unto good for them that love and trust God and are called unto his purpose.

Stay faithful in his presence and lines will fall in pleasant places for you in the end.

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