Thursday, 14 December 2017


Hi Everyone and welcome once again after so long a time. Well we have barely seventeen days to the end of this year and still very many of us have unmet expectations and unfulfilled desires we hoped that this year 2017 would fill. For many as well, the demonic spirit called DESPERATION has already set in as they now seek any possible and even impossible way to make sure they achieve their aim no matter the cost, and for some others they have just totally given up hope on this year entirely and now they await the coming new year to start afresh and restrategise. But for us the children of God who called by a promise into an eternal inheritance, not only is the year not over yet, we still have faith and wait on God for a last minute miracle (otherwise called the 11th hour testimony) and NO, we have refused to give the devil any chance to steal our peace with desperation. WE ONLY WAIT ON OUR GOD AND WE KNOW WE SHALL NOT BE ASHAMED!
Therefore, as the year rounds up and while we take stock of the year (both the highs and lows); we also must make plans for the year ahead and believe it in our hearts that in His presence anything and everything is possible and He (God) is never late. He shows up right on time. Never use your lips and tongue to negatively declare that you failed this year, didn't achieve anything or that all hope is lost already because your confession in life over any matter is your possession in it. So keep the hope within you alive that anything and everything positive from God is still very possible and confess such always. Let the peace of God that surpass all understanding remain with us now and forever, Amen.

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